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Investigations & undercover footage

Our brave team of investigators film inside factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Duck investigation: Gressingham Foods Slaughterhouse and Processing Plant

Viva! investigates: Gressingham Foods Slaughterhouse and Processing Plant (November 2009) The reality of the death of millions of ducks heading towards Britain's supermarket shelves under the RSPCA's Freedom Foods scheme was exposed by the first undercover investigation into the slaughter...>>



Journey to Death

A hard-hitting video showing footage of live horse exports.>>

Scandal of Britain's Battery Piglets


Makro selling live lobsters


Happy Egg company undercover investigation

Watch Viva!'s shocking undercover investigation into conditions at The Happy Egg Company: Viva! investigates: The Happy Egg Company from Viva! on Vimeo ...>>

Investigation: Bourne Farm, Dorset

Investigation into Bourne Farm, Piddlehinton, Dorset - Allen (Hanford) Ltd. Clipped footage taken on 1/11/2008 at grid ref: SY 730972. For more information, or full unclipped footage , call Justin Kerswell on 0117 944 1000 or email Breakdown of full unclipped...>>

Sentenced to death


The Dark Side of Dairy

Cows produce milk to feed their babies - just like humans. It flows for the best part of a year and then stops. More milk requires more babies. That's the reality of dairy farming - the visible, obvious side of the industry. But there is another, cruel, much darker side to dairy which few see...>>

'A Calf and a Half' - Cadbury Investigation

We filmed inside numerous dairy farms that supply Cadbury with milk to expose the bloody secrets kept by one of the nation's favourite confectionary brands to its consumers. Find out more at>>

Westfield Farm


Bagley Farm


Westfield Piggeries - 24 March 2008


Norfolk Pig Farms - Nov 2005


Viva! Biosecurity Investigation

We uncover what could be the real reason for the TB epidemic – and it’s not badgers Biosecurity measures (disinfectant foot dip) were ignored We have long suspected that Biosecurity failings at markets plays a much bigger role in spreading the disease than contact with wildlife...>>

Sommerset pig farms - Nov 2005


Lambing Lies

Watch our shocking exposé of the British sheep and lamb industry. Viva! investigates the trade in sheep and lambs When we first visited Exeter livestock market we spotted a pitiful sign: “Orphan lamb sale 11am” - 25 on that particular day. In one pen, looking startled and...>>

West Midlands Pig Farms - Nov 2005


Hatchery investigation

Viva! investigates: Conveyor belt of death Hatcheries across Britain produce millions of hens to replace their ‘worn out’ sisters (most killed at just 72 weeks), but not every bird makes it out of the hatchery alive. To be precise, half of them don’t. The fate of male chicks was...>>

Lincolnshire Pig Farms - Mar 2006