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Torture Victims: Don't Buy Foie-gras


It’s no wonder foie-gras has been dubbed ‘torture in a tin’. Ducks and geese are being driven from the ponds and into intensive farms in their millions, where they are routinely abused in the name of ‘fine dining’.

Every year in France, 30 million ducks are forced into cages so small they can’t even stretch their wings. Trapped and helpless, a metal tube is thrust down their throats and vast quantities of food are forcibly pumped into their stomachs so that their livers swell painfully to up to 10 times their natural size. There is no escape and no respite.

The suffering of these birds is so extreme it would be illegal in this country. However, free trade laws mean that every year we import tonnes of these diseased livers, marketed as an expensive delicacy. Britain is a driving force behind this cruel industry. For the millions of little female ducklings born in France another horror awaits. They are tossed alive into electric mincers at just a few days old to suffer a violent and horrific death – their only crime is they don’t put on weight as quickly as their brothers.

The pain and suffering caused by foie-gras production has no place in a civilised society. Our aim is simple – to make Britain a foie-gras free zone.

Torture Victims: Don't Buy Foie-gras