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Dump Dairy. Save a badger!

Help stop the persecution of badgers in England

Badgers are harmless, loved, unique and secretive. They are already under pressure from baiting with dogs, illegal trapping and road kill – 50,000 animals a year. But the biggest threat of all is from the dairy industry.

Farmers hysterically blame them for the spread of bovine TB even though the real reasons lie much closer to home. Modern dairy farming is so intense that cow’s cannot cope and are riddled with diseases and exhausted from over work by being forced to produce vast quantities of milk. Their immune systems are in tatters and most are slaughtered at five or six years old. To this disaster can be added grossly inaccurate TB tests that allow diseased animals to reinfect their own herd or to be transported around the UK, infecting new herds. A £50 million, 10- year, independent investigation by top scientists (ISG) concluded that:

Badger culling cannot meaningfully contribute to the control of cattle TB.

Some badgers do have TB but it is not easily passed on to others. The irony is that it was cattle who spread the disease and it was unheard of in badgers before the 1950s. They are now targeted as the culprits by farmers who refuse to believe the science.

Permanent stress

A dairy cow’s new-born babies are taken away after a couple of days so humans can have her milk. Hundreds of thousands of male calves are shot or sold to the veal industry. Made pregnant again, she has to feed herself, her foetus and produce up to 120 pints of milk a day. Her body cannot cope. This is at the heart of the problem.

Save badgers and cows!

The surest way to save badgers is to stop buying meat and dairy. You will no longer play a part in cows’ suffering, it’s healthier and you will be protecting the environment.

Dump Dairy. Save a badger!