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Viva! partners with The Save Movement for Pigs

Viva! has partnered with The Save Movement and produced a door-dropper on animal slaughter. Order yours today for local outreach!

Have you ever looked into the eyes of an animal who is close to death? This is exactly what animal lovers from The Save Movement do each time they hold a vigil at your local slaughterhouse.

Campaigners across the nation are bearing witness to animals who are about to be killed for the dinner plate. And their eyes can tell us about their last moments on earth.

The photos and videos taken by The Save Movement give these animals the recognition they deserve and help to awaken compassion in people like you. The eyes of a pig, which are so similar to ours, are disturbingly expressive. Each has a story to tell.

Most of the nearly five million pigs alive today in Britain are leading short, miserable lives in huge, stinking farms. Each year, around 10 million are slaughtered and their last journey to death is the final part of a life-long insult. They are crammed into carriages, sometimes for hours, scared, apprehensive and forced into close contact with animals they don't know. They may be hit, kicked and shocked with goads by stockmen who simply don't care.

Just as it was throughout the rest of their lives, they will know no comfort, love or respect. We've seen the eyes of these pigs and we urge you to look at them too. We know how they've been forced to live and how they will die. But the tortured living and final journey to the slaughterhouse does not need to happen. Join us, bear witness, and choose a kind, healthy diet.

Choose vegan.

Viva! - Europe's largest campaigning vegan organisation - supports The Save Movement!


Viva! partners with The Save Movement for Pigs