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A typical British pig farm

Viva! has investigated pig farms throughout the UK, including a Special Investigation whereby 18 pig units across 11 counties were documented (see Pig in Hell video). Viva!’s ‘Cruel Britannia’ campaign has shone a light into every recess of factory farming in Britain, revealing the institutionalised abuse of animals. More recently, Viva! went undercover in two standard pig factory farms to find out and reveal to the public the reality of British pig farming today. Shockingly, at one of the farms visited, piglets were seen in what can only be described as ‘battery cages’ (25). This same farm supplies the supermarket Morrison’s, and is approved by Red Tractor (26). At another farm, a pig was filmed literally being eaten alive by another (27).

British pigs

In 2015, Viva! investigators documented piglets incarcerated in ‘battery cages’ © Viva!

An account of a how breeding sows and ‘fattening’ pigs are treated on a typical British pig farm is below.