3. PIGS FARMED FOR BREEDING | Viva! - The Vegan Charity


TABLE: Pigs Kept for Breeding    

Breeding Sows                                                                                                                                                          

Age at puberty (av.)                28 weeks (7 mths)

Age when first bred                31.5 weeks (7.9 mths)

In oestrus for                          3 weeks

Ovulates for                           53 hours

Ovulates after giving birth     5 days after weaning

Type of cycle                          Polyoestrus all year

Gestation length                     16.3 weeks

Fecundity                                Gilts av. 9 live born and sows av. 11.9 live born

Breeding life                           2.5 litters/sow/year . Sows killed at 3-5 years

Pigs weaned/sow/year            23.2

Pre-weaning mortality            18 per cent


Age at puberty (av.)                28 weeks (7 mths)

Age when first bred                35 weeks (8.7 mths)

Breeding life                           Usually killed at 3-4 years

Sow/boar ratio                         25 sows per boar is a 'practical ratio during mating'

At slaughter

Av. live weight at slaughter            117 kg

Carcass meat production/sow/year 1956 kg

Source: UFAW, Management and Welfare of Farm Animals and BPEX (48, 49)