4. MUTILATIONS | Viva! - The Vegan Charity


Shortly after birth, pigs are subjected to a number of painful mutilations, including teeth clipping, tail docking, and ear notching. Male piglets may also be castrated though this is very rare in Britain. All of these mutilations are routinely performed without the benefit of any pain-relieving anesthetics or analgesics. Mutilations involve handling stress, acute pain (short term, arising from tissue damage during the procedure) and the possibility of chronic pain (longer term, arising from nerve damage).

Piglets with docked tails

Piglets at a very young age are commonly subjected to a series of highly painful procedures such as teeth clipping, tail docking and ear notching. These are carried out without any pain-relief © Viva!

Any farm that undertakes the mutilation of animals to prevent them injuring each other indicates very poor management and welfare. FAWC states (30):

Mutilations can cause considerable pain and therefore constitute a major welfare insult to farm animals ... on ethical grounds, the mutilations of livestock is undesirable”.