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Like a pig in...

Pigs are extremely sensitive to climatic extremes and have no sweat glands (except for on the tip of their snouts), nor thick hair cover. They rely on fat for insulation. When it is cold, pigs huddle together for warmth and in the wild would wallow in muddy pools to keep cool in warmer temperatures. Because they only have sweat glands on their noses, it is important they do not overheat. Pigs, like elephants, roll in mud to keep cool - as mud provides evaporative cooling over a much longer time than water. Mud also stops sun burn, dangerous to a pig, and it protects from flies and parasites. Contrary to the popular myth, pigs do not like to roll in dung, or urine for that matter - something they are forced to do in Britain’s factory farms. Urine burns the skin and faeces attracts flies, both spread disease.

Wallowing pigs

Wallowing is commonly observed in feral pigs and wild boar, but rarely provided for in current housing systems for domestic pigs. It is a behaviour that contributes hugely to their wellbeing