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A life inside

When the little ‘weaners’ become big enough to be ‘growers’ (or rearing pigs), they are often moved to concrete pens. Typically these are filthy, faeces-covered hovels with an area for dunging and a covered pen for sleeping. The vast majority of growing pigs in the UK spend most of their lives indoors without access to the sun or the chance to express many of their normal behaviours.

The vast majority of pig farms Viva! has filmed in are squalid hovels which serve as breeding grounds for disease © Viva!

About 40 per cent of sows give birth outside (16), yet even the vast majority of piglets born outside will be reared intensively inside (15, 17).

Second stage growers may be moved to an open shed accommodation, where as many as 200 animals weighing up to 70 kg will be packed in together.