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Peak Time For Our Three Graces

Peak Time For Our Three Graces

... or, to be more accurate, 15 peaks as they go mad for the animals

The Goddesses of Splendour, Festivity and Rejoicing – better known as Helen Rossiter, Justine Butler and Juliet Gellatley – are looking for sponsorship for a little stroll they’re planning. The 15/24 Viva! Challenge involves walking 48 km in 24 hours, including ascending the 15 Welsh mountain peaks whose summits are above 3,000 ft. Just let that sink in for a minute.

And then remember that hardened athletes they’re not! Fair dos though, Helen (editor of Viva!LIFE ) does go to the gym, but usually has two days off work afterwards. Justine (Viva Health senior health campaigner) goes red in the face bending down to pick up her bus pass. And Juliet (director of Viva!/Viva Health) bought a Jane Fonda fitness video once but couldn’t open the packet. They have more than eight months to bring their pecs to perfection, accentuate their abs and construct their calves – not a doddle for three women who notch up more than 110 years between them! It’s like Patsy from Ab Fab going to night school to study quantum physics! But the die is cast (sorry, shouldn’t have used either word).

On July 4, 2010 at 3am, with other Viva! supporters, they will start the walk of their lives as they disappear steeply upwards into a Welsh dawn, borrowing Captain Oates’ famous last words – “We may be some time!” This is a breathtaking (literally) undertaking deserving of magnanimous support. Please, please sponsor them by the mile, by the peak or by the blister. It is mad, it is mind boggling and it is certainly magnificent.

Please pledge whatever you can and all the proceeds will go towards Viva!’s campaigns for the animals ( You could, of course, take part in the walk of pain yourself. It is organised by vegan cooperative Lupine Adventures, who learned their craft at Guantanamo Bay (only joking) (

We are keen to hear from as many supporters as possible who would like to join us! If you would like to sponsor our Goddesses of gracefulness, peace and happiness (although not, I suspect, at the end of that day) contact us on 0117 944 1000 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm) visit or email Helen (

Please give generously or they might not do it, denying all us staff a good laugh. Many thanks to Vegetarian Shoes for supporting the event by providing Helen, Juliet and Justine with walking boots. 17 Peak Time for Our Three Graces You can sponsor Juliet and Helen per kilometer (48 in total).