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New Big Pig Report

New Big Pig Report

Pig Farming – The Inside Story

Pig Farming – The Inside Story contains extraordinarily detailed research of the state of pig farming in Britain. It has facts, figures, science and eyewitness accounts taken from our numerous recent undercover investigations.

This gripping report takes you through closed doors and deep inside British pig farms – monstrous institutions built on commodity and profit. It includes pictures and findings from our groundbreaking, year-long investigation.

Pigs are extremely sensitive, highly social and bright animals, said to be more intelligent than dogs! Yet 4.9 million of these remarkable creatures are housed on British farms today – from the ramshackle to the gigantic – in the most shocking conditions.

The report is an unmissable read for anyone interested in the true story of pig farming and Viva!’s investigation work.

By Viva! director Juliet Gellatley, it costs £5 from:

T: 0117 944 1000