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The Need-to-Know







The Need-to-Know

Once we have confirmed interest in the event, we will arrange for 1-2 stall boxes (including everything you need to set-up and display your stall) to be couriered to your address 1-2 weeks before the event.  We arrange a collection of the remaining unsold merchandise on a day convenient to you.

When you receive your Viva! Stall Vol pack, remember to do a quick scan of the contents just in case anything essential is missing! All information pertaining to the event (date, time, location) and your role will be sent to you via email and a printed copy included in the stall contents too.

Instructions on how to set-up the stall and a handy photo of a previously set-up stall are included. An itemised stocksheet is included to help you count the stock sold after the event.  This must be returned with any unsold merchandise.

We encourage you to take photos of you and your friends running the Viva! Stall. We LOVE to see our vols in action and when we get the chance will share your photos and event successes on social media and in our tri-annual magazine Viva!life.


Your Viva! Stall Vol pack will include: 

Information about the event you are attending, including itinerary, contacts and details about any special offers or event conditions that you will need to know about. 

A Viva! Stall Vol welcome pack including a FREE Join the Fight for Life Viva! tee for you to wear at the show. This is yours to keep from us to you!

Viva! Merchandise

  • A selection of Viva!-branded gifts, books and vegan treats
  • All merchandise will be priced and ready to display

Viva! Campaign Materials

  • Including Viva!life magazine, leaflets
  • These materials are always FREE; please encourage visitors to take them

Display & Stall Set-up Equipment 

  • Including calculators, baskets, book stands, cash box, essentials.