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Pizza pioneers Mike and Joe get sweaty for Viva!

Mike and Joe (talking about pizza)The awesome Mike and Joe, founders of One Planet Pizza - the UK's first frozen vegan pizza company! - are running their first ever marathon this May to raise money to help us fight for animals.

One Planet Pizza makes amazing vegan pizzas from their 100% vegan pizza factory. Pizza pioneers, they were the first pizza company to deliver frozen vegan pizzas in the UK - and now they're in Ocado too! Now they want to show other runners just how well they can thrive on a vegan (pizza) diet.

Mike and Joe's first marathon is for Viva! - to help us save even more animals, and get our vegan message out to thousands more people. If that's not worth your support, we don't know what is!


Give them some dough!

Text donateText PIZZA 5 (or any amount you like) to 70085 to sponsor Mike and Joe with £5 now (texts cost std network rate + donated amount). How will we use your info?


Training for a pizza-fuelled 26 miles!

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Joe and Mike are running a marathon!