Maryanne Hall, Food & Cookery Manager | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Maryanne Hall, Food & Cookery Manager

What I do

I’m Viva!’s Food & Cookery Manager. I eat a lot, experiment with new recipes, bring you newsletters, social media, demos, articles and apps! I went vegetarian when I was twelve then later vegan and since then I’ve made it my mission to create delicious plant-based dishes and treats for everyone.

You’ll find me cooking, taking pictures and generally getting as many tasty recipes up onto the Vegan Recipe Club website as possible. I work with amazing vegan chefs from around the UK to get a range of their recipes up on the site too. Cookery demos and workshops help to show others that plant-based cooking can be simple, cheap, nutritious and delicious so come along to the Viva! festivals. I also write blogs and articles on the latest vegan products so you know your Gary from your gojis.

Working at Viva!

I love working with a group of passionate, kind and like-minded individuals who all are all driven to saving animals and making the world a nicer place to live in. It’s a fast-paced environment and no two days are the same! It’s amazing to be able to go down to the fridge, filled with soya milk and hummus and you’re not the weird one!

I went vegan because…

I turned vegetarian because I didn’t want to eat animals or to be part of that system. I went vegan several years later after travelling in California where I met an interesting lady up a mountain who told me about veganism (I know!). Until that point, I hadn’t considered or been exposed to the suffering involved in both the dairy and egg industries, along with the environmental destruction/land use and health implications. After doing some more research, it totally made sense and I went vegan… California had amazing plant-based options nearly everywhere you went too. At that time, veganism was still pretty low key in the UK but everything has changed now and there are incredible products, menus and recipes everywhere… never been easier!

My favourite veg

Aubergine… in everything in every way