Louisa Kendal, Social Media Co-ordinator | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Louisa Kendal, Social Media Co-ordinator

What I do

My role at Viva! is to oversee the digital communications, including social media marketing to make sure our work reaches as many people as possible. I work with the campaign, merchandise and events teams to promote the amazing work Viva! does across all social media platforms, and help Viva! to continue growing in influence.


Working at Viva!

I started working at Viva! in March 2019 after finding the role advertised on Facebook. I love working at Viva! because everyone is so passionate about veganism and are committed to creating a kinder world. The energy in the office is always high and the yummy vegan treats are an added bonus!


I went vegan because…

I went vegan in September 2015 after a 9 month landslide from avid meat eater to animal advocate. I began cutting down on meat in January 2015 after my vegan friends told me about the environmental impact of animal agriculture across the world. I then began investigating veganism watching documentaries such as Cowspiracy and Forks over Knives. After watching even more videos about the UK farming industry and the horrors the animals endure, I realised I could no longer consume any animal products…and I still feel just as passionately all these years later!


My favourite veg

100% mushrooms!!! They are so tasty and make every meal better! Whether it’s a vegan full English, lentil Bolognese, paella or even a roast dinner, they up the flavour game of every recipe!