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Local groups get cracking

Local groups get cracking

By Claire Palmer

We are so proud of Viva! supporters who took to the streets on the Weekend of Action for hens!

Although one of the world’s most abused farmed animals, sadly the laying hen is also one of the most forgotten. But Viva! supporters are working to change that! One of the groups taking part was Team Tino Animal Rights, which took to the streets of South Shields to speak out for hens and educate the public on how they are treated on British farms.

Viva! also sent Cracked campaign packs, including masks and posters, to groups across the UK. They included Patricia Solomou from Dorchester, Nottingham Animal Rights, Stand Up Cambridge, Wye Veggies and Vegans, Lincoln Animal Rights, and Manchester Animal Action.

Some groups organised high street info-stalls, and others door dropped our new Cracked campaign leaflets around their local area. Nottingham Animal Rights hosted a creative info and food stall with Viva! materials and delicious egg-free foods being prepared and cooked up for people there and then! Food available for passerbys to try included cake, cookies, scrambled tofu and egg-free omelette.

In Lincoln, our Cracked campaign materials were handed out as part of Lincoln Animal Right’s dairy awareness action. They managed to hand out every leaflet we sent them!

On behalf of millions of hens across Britain today, thank you to everyone who took part in the Viva! Weekend of Action.