Lex Rigby, Campaigns Manager | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Lex Rigby, Campaigns Manager

What I do

As Viva!’s Campaigns Manager I oversee the campaigns team, working to expose animal abuse, promote veganism and raise Viva!’s profile. In researching, organising and promoting successful campaigns our aim is to spotlight the truth about Britain’s farmed animals and support positive changes to create a kinder future for animals, ourselves and the environment.

Working at Viva!

For me, working at Viva! is about saving lives. It’s about depicting the reality of life for farmed animals and reacting against their collective suffering. We advocate veganism as a state of kind and it’s our shared passion to save the world from ourselves that makes the office a bustle of campaign activity, with measurable impacts on the lives of others.

I went vegan because…

What better reason for going vegan is there than for the love of animals and the environment. In learning about the ways in which we, as a species, exploit, abuse and mistreat non-human animals and the effect factory farming processes have on the planet as a whole, I was horrified. So I chose compassion as a means to end my contribution to the unnecessary pain of others and the needless destruction of wild habitats.

My favourite veg

The most versatile of them all! It’s the potato of course. I like it fried, mashed, baked, boiled or barbecued, you name it.