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Leave a gift in your will


Viva!’s Guide to Making a Will


We are delighted to announce that Viva! has partnered with The Goodwill Partnership.

This means our supporters have the opportunity to make or amend a simple Will in your own home ABSOLUTELY FREE*.

Leaving a gift to Viva! in your Will allows your passion for helping animals to live on through us and as we are a charity, your bequest will be entirely free of Inheritance Tax.

To book your appointment directly with the Goodwill Partnership call 0844 669 6148, quoting ‘Viva!’.

We really value your support as Viva! relies on gifts in Wills for much of our campaigning income.

Please note:

If you wish to leave a gift in your will to Viva!, please include the charity’s registered charity number (1037486) and postal address (Viva!, 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol BS2 8QH).

*Viva! will fund the cost of a simple Will for you and your partner/spouse. However, should you have more complex requirements, The Goodwill Partnership will be able to advise you on what action to take and whether additional legal advice and products may be appropriate and any additional costs which may be involved.

You don't have to use the Goodwill Partnership, you can create a Will though your own solicitor. Thank you for your support.

Viva! is a Charity

Viva!'s registered charity number is 1037486 and our address is 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol BS2 8QH. Tel 0117 944 1000 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm).

Why make a Will?

Leaving a Will means that your wishes will be carried out and that your Estate will be distributed as you wish. If you do not make a Will, the law will decide where your money goes, which may not be as you wish. A Will is a legal document and failing to leave one can mean a lengthy and possibly expensive process for your relatives. Merely writing down your wishes may not be legally enforceable.

Even if you are married, without a Will your spouse may be entitled to all your assets only if you have no other living relatives. It could mean having to sell the family house to give other relatives their share. Unmarried couples fare even worse - if there is no Will, the surviving partner is often not entitled to anything, even the house they have been living in.

If you have no relatives or partner, the Government will keep everything if you die 'intestate' (not having a Will).

None of this need happen if a Will is drawn up. You decide who gets what from your Estate, leaving no room for doubt or the possibility of costly legal fees in the case of arguments.

Wills are also the best way to ensure that friends and groups such as Viva! are remembered and receive the gifts you intended.