Jem Adeola, Merchandise and Office Administrator | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Jem Adeola, Merchandise and Office Administrator

What I do

My role at Viva! is extremely varied but mainly consists of general admin duties such as taking phone calls and greeting visitors to the office. I also process any merchandise orders that come via the shop ( and handle the adoptions scheme.

Working at Viva!

I was very pleased when the opportunity for a role at Viva! came up as it has provided me with a chance to engage in positive activism. It truly is a privilege to be working with people who are just so compassionate and committed to putting an end to the suffering and exploitation of animals and the planet we share with them. An abundance of vegan treats in the office is also a definite plus!

I went vegan because…

I made the transition from vegetarian to vegan 2 years ago in an effort to lead a more compassionate and healthier lifestyle; I’d been vegetarian for 5 years prior and as I found out more about intensive farming methods and realised how damaging animal products are to the human body, I realised that I needed to do more and make a change. The next step on the journey to becoming more compassionate was to adopt a vegan lifestyle. I tried it for a month and didn’t look back. It was a small change that I could make in an effort to lessen the suffering.

My favourite veg

Such a difficult choice! The sweet potato is definitely a firm favourite, as it is just so versatile - it’s very much a comfort food for me. Cucumbers and peppers are definitely a close second and a favourite for snacking on.