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Save Me – Keep the Ban!

Viva! joined other animal groups from across Britain to protest plans to relax hunting laws in England and Wales (July 2015). View the images.

At the last minute, the Government withdrew plans for the vote (meant to take place on July 15 2015) after it became clear that they would lose. However, it is widely expected that pro-hunting legislation will reappear in the Autumn.
We need you to urgently write to your MP today and explain to them that you are completely opposed to any amendment to the Hunting Act which will see a return of horrific animal cruelty in the countryside.
Find your MPs email here -
Suggested email to copy and paste:
"Most people in Britain want hunting to remain illegal. There have been more than 400 convictions to date. The Hunting Act is one of the most successful pieces of animal protection legislation in this country’s history.
Please vote against any amendments to relax the Hunting Act. Regardless of how they are being presented, it is for one purpose only – and that is to bring back hunting. It will make it harder for authorities to prosecute law breaking and cruelty. The bottom line is that these moves are designed to cater for the sick ‘fun and games’ of the few. This barbarity has no place in 2015."
Viva! has joined a coalition of animal groups to support Brian May’s Save Me initiative. 

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