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Healthy For Life


It is widely celebrated that enjoying an animal free diet is great for your health – but at the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation (VVF) we love to share people’s first-hand experiences of how going vegan has had a positive impact on their lives, writes editor, Helen Rossiter. Since childhood, Patrycja Art, from Glasgow, had been plagued by serious ear and throat infections, which failed to subside even after having her tonsils removed and being prescribed various medical treatments. She was desperate to find a solution to her problems.

She told Viva!LIFE : “Although having my tonsils removed helped with the ear infection, I was still frequently getting flu and had big problems with catarrh and sometimes very bad nose discharge. “I also had an unpleasant discharge coming out of my tonsils and was suffering from candida in different parts of my body as a result of taking so many antibiotics.” Patrycja, 30, had been a vegetarian since the age of 14 – but had continued to eat quite a lot of dairy products including cheese and yoghurt. It was only when she decided to go vegan about a year ago that she began to notice the connection between this and her ailments. “Quite quickly I began to see a difference in my health and I noticed a reduction in my troubling symptoms – it was fantastic. It was clear that the dairy I was eating was causing the discharge from my nose and tonsils.”

Giving up dairy has helped give Patrycja a new lease of life – and opened the doors to a whole new world of animal-free foods, especially soya products. She says: “Since giving up dairy I feel much lighter and have loads more energy. I don’t get flu as often as I did when I was eating cheese and yoghurt, I have no nose discharge and my tonsils are in better condition. My candida problems have also disappeared which is such a relief. And people say I look much younger than 30 now, which is an added bonus.” Patrycja is now enjoying a really varied vegan diet – and has become especially fond of tofu (a passion I can appreciate!). “I like to make spreads from severalvarieties of peas, beans and lentils to have on toast – and I’ve also become a fan of Tofutti and Redwoods ‘cheeses’. My other favourites include vegan curries, soups, salads, mock meat products, noodles and brown rice – I just love eating tasty and healthy vegan products which I know help keep me healthy.”

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