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Eat green

Eat yourself green

Ditching meat and dairy is one of the most effective things you can do to help the planet.  Vegans have smaller carbon footprints than meat-eaters. Going vegan for a year is 20 per cent more effective in reducing global warming emissions than taking five ‘green’ steps put together – recycling, not using a tumble dryer, driving sensibly, taking showers instead of baths and using low energy light bulbs.

These green acts save 960kg in global warming terms but giving up meat and dairy saves 1.2 tonnes of global warming gases. Do all of them and you’re an environmental hero.  Our colourful new banner show just what a difference you can make.

What can I do?

The best way to end the suffering of animals and go green is to go vegan - or at least start in that direction. We can help you do just that

Please also consider a donation to help us continue to expose animal abuse and fight for a greener tomorrow. If you like what Viva! does and want to become part of our work why not join today?