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Zeena Thompson

Hi, I’m Zeena and I currently reside in Cambridgeshire. I’m a vegan because I cannot find any good reason not to be! There are so many positive things to gain, for us as individuals, as a community, for nature, our animal friends and the world as whole from being a vegetarian. The same thing cannot be said for not being one. I wholeheartedly support Viva!’s campaigns for the simple reason that they do wonderful wonderful work, not just by actively helping to try and eradicate animal abuse but in educating and helping raise awareness of various important issues.

It took me a while to garner the courage to draw my first love; animals. But once I took the plunge, it has led to donating work to various charities.

When I heard about Viva!’s fantastic Art for Animals campaign, I felt my art could be a way for me to try and help. Because of this, 50-100% of the original pieces (not prints) that I am donating to Viva! will go straight to them and any money raised will be paid directly to Viva!.

I am currently working on a pebble-based endangered wildlife art collection which will hopefully be ready for the new year.

Hope you enjoy them!

Zeena x

How to raise money for Viva!


1. Tell Zeena your Viva! membership number; email her zeena.thompson@gmail.com
2. Let us know the receipt number, date and total amount of purchase; email jess@viva.org.uk

3. Viva! will then receive 50-100 per cent of the sale price from Zeena

Contact Details:

My email: zeena.thompson@gmail.com

Or via mobile: 07890296159