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Sally-Anne Ryan

Sally-Anne has been painting animals for almost fifteen years, she started by doodling her own dogs before being commissioned to paint a beautiful Boxer called Roma. From there everything took off and she has since produced portraits of much loved dogs and cats for families all over the world. A chance meeting at a charity gala in New York led to her painting chimpanzees for the largest chimp sanctuary in the world 'Save The Chimps', a highlight of this was being asked to paint two of Dr Carole Noon's favourite chimps Marty & Dana, Sally-Anne said "not only meeting with the legend that was Dr Noon, but seeing her emotional reaction to the portraits (and I got the impression she was usually a tough cookie!) will always be one of the highlights of my painting career" Sally-Anne's portraits are bright and fun, bringing the personality of the animal to the forefront and she would love to paint your Dog or Cat! She believes that every animal deserves to be immortalised in a painting and she is happiest when in the studio creating. Sally-Anne also sells a range of vegan friendly products featuring her artwork on her website Greta Loves Mabel, a company named after her late Pig & Rescue Dog. Sally-Anne is also a published writer for both print and online publications.

Why I support Viva's Art for Animals project

I have been vegan since 2005 after becoming vegetarian in 1986 at the age of twelve. When I made that decision as a child it came as a huge relief to know I would never have to eat meat again, I had spent years trying not to and avoiding it and finally it wouldn't be an issue ever again. I wish I had learnt about veganism long before I did, a look into the sad life of a dairy cow was all I needed to know to make that final step and cut out all animal products from my diet. Being vegan aligns with all of my values of not hurting animals or causing pain, it is the single best decision I have ever made and my health and happiness have both grown because of it. I am very happy to support Viva! & Art For Animals because it's something I can do, my tiny part, to help end the suffering of millions of animals. Today more than ever, there are so many great food and clothing options that I believe there is no reason to ever eat or wear animals again, but it takes information and advocacy to get that out to people, we can't take it for granted that everybody has seen what we have or knows what we do, we need organisation like Viva! to do this to make a better world for all animals.

How to raise money for Viva!

Buy any commissioned paintings by Sally-Anne direct at and Sally-Anne will donate 5 per cent of the sale to Viva!


1. Tell Sally your Viva! membership number; email her
2. Let us know the receipt number, date and total amount of purchase; email

3. Viva! will then receive 10 per cent of the sale price from Sally

Contact Details:

Greta Loves Mabel

PO Box 123


NP25 9AY


FB: @gretalovesmabel

Instagram: @gretalovesmabel

Twitter: @gretalovesm