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THE PIG PROJECT 2 - Best of British


Last week, the government tried to scrap Britain’s meagre Codes on Farm Animal Welfare. They wanted to hand over control to industry, but we stopped them. Despite this, there is almost no protection for farmed animals in the UK.

Did you know two thirds of British mother pigs are still caged in metal crates so small they can’t even turnaround for five weeks at a time?

It is time to Face Off against the British meat industry. Watch this heart-breaking video by artist Philip McCulloch-Downs and see the truth for yourself:

THE PIG PROJECT I - The forgotten

The first of six paintings in 'The Pig Project', create for Viva! as part of their latest campaign (

The images speak for themselves, because these disregarded and abused creatures cannot.

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The third painting in the 'Pig Project' series for Viva! inspired by their investigations of UK pig farms 2015/2016. 

The 'Five Freedoms' of the UK Animal Welfare Council state that an animal's needs include: 

(1) A suitable diet 
(2) the ability to exhibit normal behavior patterns 
(3) any need he or she has to be housed with, or apart from, other animals 
(4) protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease 
(5) a suitable environment (how he or she is housed) 

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Motherhood 1

THE PIG PROJECT 4 - Motherhood

There are 350, 000 sows in Britain.
900 for every large-scale factory farm.

During pregnancy 70% of these sows will be imprisoned in a farrowing crate for up to 5 weeks.
This highly unnatural environment can lead to abnormal behaviour, indicating prolonged stress and even madness.

In the wild they would build nests for their babies out of twigs and leaves.
In Pig Farms they produce around 6 litters before being slaughtered at 4 years old.

THIS is the true face of Motherhood in a Factory Farm.

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THE PIG PROJECT - No kind of life

THE PIG PROJECT 5 - No kind of life

On UK farms 80% of British piglets suffer 2 major mutilations before they are 7 weeks old - teeth clipping and tail docking.
Both can cause chronic pain and can carry risk of infection.
Almost all are performed without anaesthetic.
They are weaned unnaturally early at only 3 – 4 weeks old, requiring a daily regime of drugs to keep them alive, causing psychological trauma to both mother and piglets.
Alive, breathing, thinking, feeling.
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