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THE PIG PROJECT I - The forgotten


The first of six paintings in 'The Pig Project', create for Viva! as part of their latest campaign (


The images speak for themselves, because these disregarded and abused creatures cannot.

Juliet Gellatley's emotional and humane reaction to the so-called 'acceptable' conditions Viva! uncovered on UK factory farms compelled me to try and convey what she saw using my artwork. I feel as she does - that no right-minded individual could remain unaffected by what, until now, was carefully hidden from the public gaze.

We should need no other facts than those we see before us to change the way we behave.

The real difficulty lies in persuading the public to look at and to empathise with a truly barbaric spectacle - one that is made palatable by media lies and cheerful advertising imagery.


Exposing an uncomfortable truth is never easy.

Facing up to an unacceptable reality that shames us all is never easy.

However - taking responsibility for our personal choices and actions is very easy.

If you don't like what you see, don't be a part of it.

There are healthy, cruelty-free, plant-based alternatives to all meat and dairy products.  They are now more numerous and easily available than ever.



Hiding behind advertising half-truths and meaningless promises of 'high animal welfare standards' has allowed factory farming to become what it is today: a brutal industry that is unnecessary, unethical, unhealthy and unsustainable. But not unchangeable.

This 'industry' has no empathy, no sympathy, no morals - but YOU do.

So use your humanity and don't look away.

Make the choice to go vegan, and help to end the hidden cruelty of factory farming forever.


About the artwork:

Rendered in acrylic paint on A4 size canvas board.

Inspired by Viva!'s investigations into UK Pig Farms in 2015, using images from the footage taken on those farms.

Each farm alleging to be abiding by the standards and regulations set by UK farming authorities.



THE PIG PROJECT 2 - Best of British

The second set of paintings in 'The Pig Project', created for Viva! as part of their latest campaign (

The images speak for themselves, because these disregarded and abused creatures cannot.

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The third painting in the 'Pig Project' series for Viva! inspired by their investigations of UK pig farms 2015/2016. 

The 'Five Freedoms' of the UK Animal Welfare Council state that an animal's needs include: 

(1) A suitable diet 
(2) the ability to exhibit normal behavior patterns 
(3) any need he or she has to be housed with, or apart from, other animals 
(4) protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease 
(5) a suitable environment (how he or she is housed) 

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Motherhood 1

THE PIG PROJECT 4 - Motherhood

There are 350, 000 sows in Britain.
900 for every large-scale factory farm.

During pregnancy 70% of these sows will be imprisoned in a farrowing crate for up to 5 weeks.
This highly unnatural environment can lead to abnormal behaviour, indicating prolonged stress and even madness.

In the wild they would build nests for their babies out of twigs and leaves.
In Pig Farms they produce around 6 litters before being slaughtered at 4 years old.

THIS is the true face of Motherhood in a Factory Farm.

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THE PIG PROJECT - No kind of life

THE PIG PROJECT 5 - No kind of life

On UK farms 80% of British piglets suffer 2 major mutilations before they are 7 weeks old - teeth clipping and tail docking.
Both can cause chronic pain and can carry risk of infection.
Almost all are performed without anaesthetic.
They are weaned unnaturally early at only 3 – 4 weeks old, requiring a daily regime of drugs to keep them alive, causing psychological trauma to both mother and piglets.
Alive, breathing, thinking, feeling.
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