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The Hen Project 5 - GASSED

The Hen Project 5 - GASSED

Inspired by Viva!’s investigations into UK egg farms in 2016.

In commercial egg farms eggs develop inside industrialised incubators. 

At around 21 days the chicks hatch in tiered racks of trays. 

They are placed on conveyor belts to be sorted. Male chicks are removed, and these ‘rejects’ are gassed to death. 

Until recently they could also be thrown alive into electric mincers. 

This method is still legal.

40 million chicks are killed each year in UK hatcheries. 



Free Range, Organic, Enriched Cage. 



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The Hen Project 1 - NOW YOU SEE ME

The 'superior' form of battery farming.
Caged with 40 - 80 others. 
My share of the cage is just larger than an A4 sized sheet of paper.

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The Hen Project 2 - HOME SWEET HOME

The 2nd 'Hen Project' piece - directly inspired by photographs from Viva!'s investigations into UK Egg Farms 2016. 
This is the best the industry can do. 
If you think these images are uncomfortable and unpleasant to look at - imagine what it's like to live there. Each face I drew is an individual; a life; a sentient being. 

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The Hen Project 3 - DOWN ON THE FARM

Permanently caged in a barren environment;
with trimmed beaks, brittle bones, foot lesions;
with overcrowding causing social and physical stress as well as feather pecking and cannibalism...
These 'enriched cages' allow each bird a space just larger than one A4 size sheet of paper.
Every minute of every hour of every day of every week, for 72 weeks, before being removed for slaughter.

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The true price of eggs - detail 1

The Hen Project 4 Spent - The true price of eggs

Naturally intelligent, social, sensitive, with a distinct hierarchy, a communal approach to rearing their young, producing only 20 eggs per year, and with a lifespan of up to a decade.

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The Hen Project 6 - EGGS

The Hen Project 6 - EGGS

The 6th video of ‘The Hen Project’ created by Philip McCulloch-Downs as part of Viva!’s ‘CRACKED’ campaign against UK egg farms.

A socially and culturally conditioned habit

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