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Nicola McLean

Nicola is originally from the North of Ireland and now lives in the far north of Scotland where the landscape is wild and the weather is wilder!

She considers herself very lucky to be able to indulge her two passions in life - art and animals - when she isn't volunteering part-time as an animal care assistant at a rescue and re-homing shelter she can be found in her little art shed at the bottom of the garden.

Nicola is inspired by life in general and although animals feature in much of her artwork she chooses not to limit herself to painting just one subject because she finds inspiration everywhere. Animals, Mother Nature, everyday objects and places she has traveled to all spark ideas for paintings but no matter what the subject is Nicola will paint it with a vibrant palette and a vivid imagination.

Why Nicola is supporting Viva!'s Art for Animals

“I became vegetarian after realising it was hypocritical to be so concerned about some animals while still eating others. A few months later I was looking for information online about cruelty-free products when I stumbled upon Viva!’s website, among others, and learnt the things that the big meat and dairy corporations don’t want the public to know or acknowledge. After a few days of information overload, I had sickened myself with the truth about dairy, eggs, wool and leather and became vegan. How could I not? Once you know something you can't un-know it just because it might make your life a little bit more complicated. I feel so much happier knowing that I am living my life (to the best of my ability in a world where animal by-products are used in pretty much everything as a matter of course) without contributing to the suffering of any other creature.

“I am I suppose what would be called an armchair activist. I sign a million petitions and email my MP and companies as much as I can to raise awareness and objections to any number of animal abuses and campaign for a better life for all the planet’s creatures. However, I would love to be able to do more and, as animals inspire so much of my art work, to be able to contribute in some small way by doing something that I love, to ensure that VIVA! can keep on campaigning, would be fantastic.”

How to raise money for Viva!

Buy paintings direct from For every pet portrait commissioned Nicola will donate 10% of the sale direct to VIVA!. Please email Nicola when you buy from her online sites on to let her know you want a donation to go to Viva!.



1. Tell Nicola your Viva! membership number; email her
2. Let us know the receipt number, date and total amount of purchase; email
3. Viva! will then receive 10 per cent of the sale price from Nicola

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