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Neil Young

Neil is a photographic artist specialising in animal portraits whose work is shown in exhibitions where some or all of the profits from sales go towards animal rights and welfare charities such as Viva! Neil’s passion is to create beautiful portraits that reveal the individual personality of each animal, farmed, domestic or wild.

Neil also works with Viva! to support Viva!LIFE magazine, contributing the front page to the Winter 2011 edition.

Do be in contact with Neil if you want to find out about upcoming projects, exhibitions, are interested in collaborating or if you have a commission idea that you would like to talk through. Quote VIVA for a 10% discount.


Benjamin Zephaniah (poet, writer, musician and lyricist):

‘I love the closeness of Neil’s photos – he really does get so close you feel you are getting to the animals soul. Looking at his work I feel he really loves his subjects, these animals that have no voices. And he gives them a voice through his silent stills. This is good stuff. Real honest art’


Rose Elliot MBE (Britain's foremost vegetarian cookery writer)

‘Neil’s message is one that so needs to be heard: animals have personalities and feelings, just as humans do. Farm animals are as intelligent and lovable as our domestic pets and when people realize that, and respect their right to live in peace and freedom, rather than as food-machines, the world will be happier, more peaceful and loving place. Neil and I are on the same wavelength: Neil brings transformation through pictures and all my life I have been endeavouring to do it through people’s stomachs!’


Juliet Gellatley (Founder & Director, Viva!)

‘I'm delighted to be associated with Neil's work as his photos beautifully capture the essence of animals and the wonder of life.’

Marion Eaton (Founder, Friend Farmed Animal Sanctuary: 1959-2016)

‘Neil captures qualities and emotions in the animals that I recognise from working with them day-in-day out and knowing them well. I show people Neil's beautiful photographs when I am struggling to explain a certain animal's expression or personality: his images are magical as they really bring each animal to life.’


Professor Erika Cudworth (Professor of Feminist Animal Studies, University of East London)

‘Farmed animals are not seen as subjects deserving of a portrait. It is more usual that their dead bodies or body parts are subjects of the artistic imagination. Neil Young challenges the complacent view that the lives and worlds of these animals are uninteresting. Neil's moving, funny and arresting pictures provoke a response and invite us to really look at these animals and ask ourselves who they, and who we, really are.’

- Erika’s book Social Lives with Other Animals: Tales of Sex, Death and Love (2011) features one of Neil’s images on the front cover:

Contact details

Check out Neil's website for upcoming events and projects or contact him directly to discuss commissions or working with him.

Neil Young Photography

T: 07940 112142