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Emma Telford

My name is Emma Telford I am a photographer from Leeds, I studied photography at Bradford College and I am mainly passionate about wildlife photography and also British landscape photography.

I work for a local animal shelter the Yorkshire Animal Shelter in Leeds, and have owned many rescue pets including dogs, mice, rats and gerbils. Rats are my absolute favorite animals because of their intelligence and cutes.

Why I am vegetarian

I have been vegetarian since I was I was 15 and my love of all animals took over my want to eat meat as I've always seen animals as my friends, I've never looked back. I believe vegetarianism is not just good for animals but the environment and the human race too.

Why I support Viva's Art for Animals project

I support Art for Animals and all of Viva's work because any money raised will go straight towards the animals we care about whether it be the badgers threatened by the cull or the farmed animals suffering in factory farms. I would live my work to go some way towards helping these campaigns. I also hope that the beauty and character of the animals featured will inspire people to help protect them.

How to raise money for Viva!

1. Tell Emma your Viva! membership number and quote 'Art for Animals'
2. Let us know the receipt number, date and total amount of purchase; email jess@viva.org.uk
3. Viva! will then receive 20 per cent of the sale price from Emma

The smallest prints can go from 5"x7" at £5.00 all the way up to 20"x 30" for the biggest at £30. Also canvas's and other products can be made.

Prints start at £15 for a 12”x8”. Commissions available.

Contact Details: 
Phone: 07954 379235
Email: photographybyemmatelford@gmail.com

Instagram: @yorkshire_wildlife_photography