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Foston pig prison scrapped – thanks to you!

Fantastic news has just reached us that the people behind the mega pig factory farm in Derbyshire have pulled plans to build after six years of campaigning by Viva!, other groups and local people!  

"Everyone here in Foston and the surrounding community is heaving a huge sigh of relief with this news, and we have a lot of people to thank for assisting us in the campaign. Justin and his team at Viva! have supported us throughout and have helped us prove that factory farming is not the way forward." Jim - Foston Community Forum


Today we received an email from Derbyshire County Council:

Application Code: CW9/0311/174

With reference to your representation in respect of the above planning application, I write to inform you that on 17 March 2015 the applicant withdrew their application.”

The planned farm at Foston was to be nearly 40 times the size of the average pig farm in Britain. It would have produced a thousand pigs a week (48,000 pigs a year). At any one time the farm would have housed around 26,000 animals trapped on a slow conveyor belt towards the abattoir.

This is a major victory for animals – and the local people whose lives would have been blighted by the development. Although it would be wrong to think we don't already have intensive farming of animals in the UK, the plans at Foston would have been a lurch even further towards American style mega-farming and all that entails. That's why this victory is SO important.

We couldn't have done it without the support of our Viva! friends (that's you!) – who sent in their postcards and wrote to the council in their thousands. Many of those were delivered in person by Viva! mascot Piggles!


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