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Say no to the Newtownabbey mega pig farm!

Viva! patrons Martin Shaw and Jenny Seagrove add their support to stop the UK’s largest EVER pig farm!

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“Factory farming is a cancer – and it might be spreading. We have to stop it in its tracks. Opposing these proposals for what would be the UK’s largest ever pig farm must be a priority for animal lovers and those who care about our environment wherever you live. We should be under no illusion, if these plans go ahead then the floodgates will be open to American-style mega farms and the horrors that entails right across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That’s why I support Viva!’s campaign to stop the Newtownabbey pig mega farm.” Actor and Viva! patron Martin Shaw

“The scale of this farm is inconceivable. This isn’t about better animal welfare; it is about getting pigs from birth to slaughter in the most profitable way possible. If we are not careful, these gigantic animal factories will become the norm. We have seen what a disaster they have been in the United States. Do we really want to go down the same route? That is why I’m adding my voice to calls to reject the Newtownabbey mega pig farm.” Actor and Viva! patron Jenny Seagrove

Say no to the NI mega pig farm!

We have been made aware of plans to build a gigantic pig farm in Northern Ireland that will hold 30,000 animals at a time. These plans dwarf even those of the Foston proposal, which – as you will remember – we defeated together.

Although the proposal is in Northern Ireland it is vitally important that people from across the UK send in an objection. If the plans go ahead it could lead to a precedent being set for more of these mega farms being built elsewhere.

Please object NOW! We have been informed that the public consultation has been extended, but no closing date has yet been given.

Please send the objection below. Or even better personalise it.

Please note: please copy and paste the message below into an email (with you name and address) and send to If you have problems with that email send to instead and put in the email header: "FAO Planning Department".

“Dear Antrim and Newtownabbey Planning Department

 I am writing to you to lodge a formal objection to the planned pig farm off Reahill Road, Newtownabbey, County Antrim (Ref: LA03/2015/0051/F).

Animal welfare: I know this isn't taken into account when deciding the outcome of planning meetings, but I strongly believe it should be. Pigs are highly intelligent animals. On a development this size it will be difficult to spot diseased or suffering pigs – which poses potential dangers to other animals on site and workers and local residents.  I do not believe that it is possible to provide high welfare for 30,000 pigs on an indoor farm this size.

Risk to human health: keeping large numbers of animals near residential dwellings is a well-known potential disease risk to humans (one resident lives a mere 300 metres from the proposed site). In light of recent swine flu outbreaks a recent study that showed that potentially deadly superbugs can be spread by flies from pig farms to people living miles away this should be of particular concern.

Environmental impact: this farm will not be ‘green’. In fact, the methane from the pigs themselves will produce huge amounts of carbon equivalent gases. Local residents have said that the area is near a hill and floods regularly. It does not seem feasible that the local waterways/watertable will not be affected – especially as there will be two lagoons (one for water, and one for pig waste). In June 2012, Derek Hall of Hall’s Pig Farms (the site developer) was fined after an officer of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency traced a ‘milky liquid’ discharge found in Three Mile Water River to Mr Hall’s farm. The Rivers Agency have objected to the plans as a Drainage Assessment has not been submitted and believe that potential flooding issues have not been addressed

Earlier this year the Environment Agency rejected plans for a similar pig mega-farm in England. They said the scheme at Foston, Derbyshire would "offend human senses" and cause "significant pollution due to odour". What is the Environment Agency’s position to this proposal?

Anaerobic digester: I understand that there will be an anaerobic digester on site. However, it is also my understanding that anaerobic digesters can actually be responsible for producing smells and toxic gases, and in the worst case scenario can be a fire or explosion risk. Good practice dictates that these should not be built near to residential areas (especially one of this size)  and to do so would potentially put lives at risk. It will also use huge amounts of water - as will the farm itself - and would potentially pollute surrounding land.

Noise: the developers say that the noise will be minimal. This is hard to take seriously, as noise will be generated by machinery and from the animals themselves as they are taken to slaughter (over a  thousand a week).

Increased traffic: industrial farms of this size generate large amounts of HGV traffic, from moving animal feed and waste products. This is likely to impact negatively on local roadways and the lives of local people.

Jobs for local people: factory farms are not big employers, so any benefit to the economy will be minimal at best.

This proposal is a significant development for the whole of the UK. Allowing it to proceed would set a dangerous precedent for the future intensification and factory farming in the UK. I strongly urge you to reject the proposed plans.

Yours faithfully”

[remember to add your name and address!] 

Thank you for taking the time to be active for pigs! Together we can end the scourge of factory farming.

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