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Fifty Shades of Green!

Well, no actually. Important as these are they’re fairly pale shades of green and save about 960 Kg of greenhouse gases (GHG) per person per year. By going vegan you can save 1144 Kg and give where you live a much darker shade of green – PLUS have a huge impact across the globe. And we promise
it won’t hurt.

Wave bye bye to burgers and bacon butties and you no longer help to destroy the Amazon. Say cheerio to chicken and you’re suddenly out of the extinction business. Give dairy the old heave ho and you slash global warming.* And you’re really helping improve where you live!

The truth is that meat, fish, dairy and eggs now pose the greatest threat to the whole environment, here and abroad. One reason is because the animals that produce them are so amazingly inefficient at converting vegetable protein into animal protein. Believe us, this is one form of recycling that the world can do without!

If everyone in Bristol went vegan it would be like taking a million cars off the road. Just imagine what it would be like where you live!

What's the answer? Going vegan, that's what. And it's easy! Viva! even have a hand-holding 30 Day programme to get you started - and it is all FREE! Find out more at Also, find out more about how to Green Your Life with Viva!.

A massive thank you to Vegfest, who sponsored a leaflet based on this text to be handed out to everyone who came through the doors of Vegfest Bristol! Find out more about the amazing Vegfest Festivals around the UK and also their new Vegfest Express vegan news service

*These are the facts according to the UN. Livestock for meat and dairy are the main cause of deforestation and species extinction. They are one of the main reasons why deserts are spreading and soil is degrading. They are a primary cause of air, water and nitrogen pollution. They are the second biggest source of greenhouse gases at 18 cent (cars, planes and boats and trains – all transport combined – 13.5 per cent).