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Face Off





Well done on being brave enough to take the Face Off Challenge.

We have showed you this footage because it is almost all from a typical factory farm (Necton Hall Pig Farm, Norfolk) – sadly nothing exceptional. Viva! reported both farms to the government and nothing has been done.

One particularly cruel farm where the piglets were caged (Poplar Farm, near Hull) was approved by the Red Tractor scheme and supplies Morrisons, who also profess to monitor their suppliers. You may be shocked to discover that factory farming is the norm in the UK and both these farms are legal.

The government will not end factory farming but you can.

Change is already happening across Britain. There are more vegetarians and vegans than ever before. Why not give it a go? It’s easier than you think!

Every time you shop, you have the power to choose kindness over cruelty. The power is truly in your wallet.

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10 million pigs killed

in the UK each year equates to:

833,333 per month
192,308 per week
27,397 per day
1,142 per hour
19 per minute 

Try a kind diet now!