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“It occurred to me 45 years ago that I didn't need meat to sustain my health and wellbeing.

It therefore followed that the only justification for my contributing to the mass killing of animals was to satisfy my taste buds.

The taking of an animal’s life to enjoy the taste of it is inhuman in itself, but to do so with the casual cruelty apparent in Viva!'s film demonstrates a descent into barbarity.

I wholeheartedly support their Face Off campaign.”

Martin Shaw, actor and Viva! patron

“Call ourselves a nation of animal lovers? What a joke! From birth to death, in their short lives they suffer.

You won’t believe what happens on Britain’s pig farms every single day.

Please join me in Viva!’s Face Off to the British meat industry.”

Wendy Turner Webster, TV presenter and produce

“I watched Juliet inside the pig farm and was horrified by way animals are treated in Britain in 2016.

The production of bacon and sausages involves the most absurd cruelty, nothing less than an animal holocaust – and it’s actually bad for human health.

Please join me in Viva!’s Face Off to the British meat industry.”

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity & chair of Forest Green Rovers

“When I think of factory farming I think of sows gnawing at bars and locked in crates.

Viva!’s Face Off campaign confronts consumers with the brutal reality of everyday life and death on British pig farms.

Everyone should watch their brave undercover investigation.

Viva! has my support.”

Jenny Seagrove, actress

“It's time to end this cruelty and face off to the British meat industry.

Compassion will win so you may as well join us now.

Come on Norwich I expect you to lead the way!”

Gregg Lowe, actor (from Norwich)

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10 million pigs killed

in the UK each year equates to:

833,333 per month
192,308 per week
27,397 per day
1,142 per hour
19 per minute 

Celebrities take the Face Off challenge...