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Well done on being brave enough to take the Face Off Challenge.

We have showed you this footage because it is almost all from a typical British ‘enrichment cage’ factory farm – sadly nothing exceptional.
Viva! reported this farm to the government and nothing has been done.

You may be shocked to discover that this type of factory farming is the norm in the UK and is legal.
Cynically, although the battery cage was banned in 2012, it was replaced with the cages you have seen in this film, so-called ‘enrichment cages’.
Over half of British eggs come from caged birds.

The ironically named ‘Sunny Farm’, Bedfordshire, owned by Bird Bros exposed in this film, keep a staggering 450,000 birds in cages their whole lives. 
The company supplies over 3 million eggs a week nationally to independent shops, high street multiples, caterers and wholesalers.
Up to a fifth are sold in supermarkets.

The government will not end factory farming but you can.

Change is already happening across Britain. There are more people rejecting or reducing their intake of animal products than ever before.

Why not try going vegan? It’s easier than you think! Every time you shop, you have the power to choose kindness over cruelty.

The power is truly in your wallet.

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40 million laying hens are killed in the UK each year equates to:
3,333,333 per month
769,231 per week
109,589 per day
4,566 per hour
76 per minute

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