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Faceoff Eggs



Filmed by Clare Hansell

Viva! supporter Clare Hansell took this heart-breaking footage of an animal transporter on the M4 motorway.

These are end-of-lay hens being driven to their deaths. Chances are, when you see animals being transported this way on Britain's roads they are being sent the slaughterhouse. Most egg laying hens are killed at just 72 weeks old - just because they are no longer as profitable. It doesn't matter if they are from free-range, intensive or organic systems they are all killed much earlier than their natural life span. All because people choose to eat eggs.

40 million laying hens are killed in the UK each year equates to:
3,333,333 per month
769,231 per week
109,589 per day
4,566 per hour
76 per minute

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