Ethical Policy | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Ethical Policy

100% Animal Free

Everything in our shop is vegan. Nothing in our shop is tested on animals. Buying merchandise from our cruelty-free store helps towards our campaigns to save farmed animals. All of the recipes on our site are 100% vegan (and 100% delicious).

Fair Trade

All of our clothing is fair trade. We strive to avoid air-freight wherever possible.


Viva! is a registered charity #1037486.


We actively campaign on environmental issues.

We use Ecological hosting for many of our online systems.

We maintain a policy of ‘minimum waste’ which is essential to protecting the environment, cost-effectiveness  and efficient running of all our activities. Eg. We turn off any unnecessary lighting and heating. We keep doors closed whenever possible. We do not use plastic bags. We recycle when possible etc.