Dani Lawton, Merch, Sales & Events Co-ordinator | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Dani Lawton, Merch, Sales & Events Co-ordinator

What I do

I help to organise the online shop by keeping check of any sales that come through, recording stock of the products, and supporting volunteers who attend events for Viva! I connect our vegan products with businesses and keep track of the Supporter Discount Scheme too.

Working at Viva!

I’ve always wanted to work for a campaigning organisation to really work towards a positive impact in a cause I believe in. Viva! is so powerful because it works nationwide to expose the reality of farming here in the UK, supports people through health queries, recipe ideas and lots more! It’s also such a friendly and inspiring group of people that it’s really a pleasure to come into work each day and work towards change together!

I went vegan because…

I’ve always been an animal lover and chose to be vegetarian at a really young age! After learning about the reality of the dairy and egg industries through various documentaries, I decided I couldn’t carry on funding this by buying these products and I became vegan! My circle of friends shared these documentaries with each other, and we quickly had a little group of us all deciding to be vegan! We shared cooking ideas and tried vegan products and cafes together, which really helped the transition.

My favourite veg

I absolutely love butternut squash!! It is so versatile, and so squishy and juicy when it’s roasted J plus it’s so easy to find plastic-free which is a definite bonus!