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Viva! is kick-starting Easter with a Week of Action for laying hens as part of our Cracked campaign.

During the week leading up to Easter Sunday Viva! is launching a series of actions around the country not only to show our undercover footage using our new virtual reality headsets, but also to encourage people to actually put themselves in the place of hens who lay eggs for the dinner table. We want people to find out what it feels like to be a factory-farmed animal.


You may have heard some supermarkets are to phase out cages for laying hens – but this is not for many years. Viva!’s Cracked campaign though shows that free-range isn’t the answer. Most free-range hens remain incarcerated in huge sheds and never go outside. The answer to ending the cruelty is to go vegan – and at Easter we will be offering free help for people to do just that.


You can join us in our Easter Action For Hens by door dropping our Cracked leaflets (100 leaflets per pack). Order yours today.

Remember you can also visit the Viva Face off page Viva! Face Off page >> and download our footage to show to others!




cracked commuters

cracked commuters

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Sign today to raise awareness on the killing of 40 million day-old male chicks a year in Britain. Killed simply because they considered the ‘wrong sex’!

Currently, the vast majority of baby male chicks are gassed to death. This horror plays out every day across the UK to bring eggs to the morning table and is part and parcel of every type of egg production – from the most organic to the most intensive.

Ban the practice of live male chicks being killed by grinding and suffocating by signing HERE >>

Viva! has exposed this cruel practice in the past. Read more and watch the video HERE >>

Without this mass slaughter the egg industry couldn’t survive. Avoiding eggs altogether is the only sure-fire way of not contributing to this suffering!


Do you know a hen with a special personality, or a heart-warming story?

Help us show how personable and huggable hens are!



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Easter Action for Hens