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Egg laying hens

Over the coming weeks, Viva! will launch the findings of undercover investigations into the life of Britain’s laying hens as part of the new Cracked campaign. Our team of investigators went undercover in free range, organic and enriched cage farms across the country for over a year to show you what life is really like for hens in since the ban on battery cages. What we found was a hopelessly cracked industry built on profit and exploitation that causes pain and suffering to hens on an almost unimaginable scale

Watch Juliet face off against the British egg industry

If you think that so-called 'enriched cages' have made life better for Britain's hens then think again.
Juliet Gellatley lifts the lid on this secretive industry with a ground-breaking undercover investigation...


The Happy Egg Company

Watch Viva!'s shocking undercover investigation into conditions at The Happy Egg Company



Enriched cages

Viva! investigates: A cage is still a cage

Another side of egg production was the battery cage – a byword for cruelty for decades. 

However, they are now being replaced across Europe by – yes you guessed it – another cage. Optimistically described as ‘enriched’, hens are still packed into wire prisons – prisons with a little more space. There is some cursory ‘environmental enrichment’ but there is no escaping the fact that it is still a cage.


Hatchery investigation

Viva! investigates:  Conveyor belt of death

Hatcheries across Britain produce millions of hens to replace their ‘worn out’ sisters (most killed at just 72 weeks), but not every bird makes it out of the hatchery alive. To be precise, half of them don’t. The fate of male chicks was one of the egg industry’s best kept secrets – until now.



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