Charlotte Sutton, Admin Officer | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Charlotte Sutton, Admin Officer

What I do

I work in admin at Viva! This includes sorting out the post, donations, updating our supporter’s information and taking phone calls.

Working at Viva!

From a young age I knew I wanted to have an animal related job, I’m so happy to now be a part of a charity that works towards improving animal welfare and working with like-minded people!

I went vegan because…

At college a lecturer recommended the Earthlings documentary to our class, I watched it and instantly knew I didn’t like how animals were being treated for our own benefit. It wasn’t until during my animal welfare degree though where I made the decision to go vegetarian but when I learnt I still contributed to animal suffering eating this way I went vegan virtually overnight. I have been vegan 4 years now.

My favourite veg

Edamame beans are my favourite veg to snack on and I also love potatoes and peas!