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Shifting Speciesism

By Lady Ella

Speciesism is the final discriminatory human behaviour which humans need to overcome.

Speciesism is human discrimination against the indigenous inhabitants of this planet, namely the Animal Beings, and, I would add, the plants, and the Earth herself.

This discrimination has caused, and is causing, nothing less than a holocaust of atrocious cruelties to the Animal species.

It is also the cause of the degradation and destruction of our Earthly environment.

Humans discriminate against all other Animal species, in favour of the human species.

This originates, presumably from either, or both, of two human survival mechanisms in the past.

The first mechanism is where humans discovered that they need use up a lot less energy in killing other animal species for food and other uses, rather than the energies needed to grow and process plants for those uses.

Effectively, this first mechanism is that humans decided to be lazy, selfish and cruel, rather than compassionate.

Now, millenia later, we have evolved, supposedly, to know better, with all the abilities and capacities required to produce everything we need, without making that terrible compromise, condemning all other animal species to the many sufferings they endure at the hands of we humans.

So why are we still speciesist? It is because of the second human ‘survival mechanism’.

This is the establishment of belief systems of religions and cultures. These establishments weigh heavily against the compassionate way forward. These systems were set up by humans in the past to bring some law and order to a chaotic existence. However, humans have become far too entrenched in these belief systems.

Though we are ‘able’ to change our ways, we are still not ‘willing’. True, there is a ‘shift of consciousness’ happening, with ‘Vegan’ becoming a mainstream
concept at last, and many strong, successful Animal Rights movements gaining some ground in the battle for the Animal Beings and their welfare.

However, change needs to accelerate, before we completely destroy all life and hope on this planet.

So, what is holding us up? Why are we not willing to become the Compassionate species that we are really able to be?

I can only quote one religion, which is the so called Christian church of England. The bible says that the Christian God gave ‘dominion over’ the animals and all the land, and oceans.

This has basically given humans ‘carte blanche’ to ravage the Earth, the Animal Beings and the plants, inflicting every manner of barbarism upon these precious existences, with no thought as to any consequences.

Humans have believed it is their ‘God-given right’ to behave in this appalling way, ever since those destructive words were ‘spoken’.

With the development and growth of ‘civilizations’ in these recent centuries, humans have got to the point of completely relying on their use and abuse of the other Animal species, not only because of religions, traditions, routines and tastes but, more importantly, because of the wealth they have been making from the holocaust against the other Animal species.

In fact, the human species has had the wealth, the’ progress’ and the civilizations, purely thanks to the terrible sacrifice of the trillions of Animal Beings.

We have our houses, our machines, our health, our knowledge only because of the sufferings of the Animals Beings, particularly of the ‘farmed animals’.

The bible also says “Thou shalt not KILL”.

It does NOT say ‘thou shalt not kill humans, but thou mayst kill all Animals, use and abuse them, torture and murder them for your own benefit, no matter how atrocious their suffering.’

The commandment does not differentiate between Animal and human species. No, the commandment commands NOT to kill, full stop.

It does NOT discriminate species.

It means NOT kill generally.

I believe this means also NOT plunder the plants or the Earth.

It seems to me that probably all religions do hold a similar value. It is time we all took heed.

It is of paramount importance to the survival of this planet and of all species that we all change our attitude to this world of life.

We need to see ALL forms of life as deserving of respect and care.

We need to place True Compassion at the centre of all our values.

Without this attitude, particularly to the other Animals, our monstrous behaviours toward them will continue to wreak terrible world destruction.

The physical destruction is clear enough to us in today’s world.

The destruction of our inner worlds is far less obvious, but is far more pernicious.

It is recognised by science and theology that these two spheres of knowledge are, in fact, inextricably linked.

In this way, thus, the barbarism of one individual, through Total Interconnectedness, effects all, at both the physical level and the spiritual level.

Our barbaric behaviours are polluting, poisoning, crippling, dismembering, torturing, murdering our own souls and spirits, whether we are aware of this or not.

These barbaric behaviours affect our inner selves, our psyches, our feelings, our instincts intuitions, emotions, connections, relationships and certainly our morals.

It matters not whether we are personally and directly behaving with barbarism.

Our existence is, as science tells us, ‘totally inter-connected’, at a molecular, atomic level. The actions of one affect all.

We are, every one of us who is able, responsible for the well-being of the Animal Beings and the Earth.

Let us realise that we no longer need to adhere to the old survival mechanisms, now that we have evolved into this technological world.

We have other, compassionate, means by which to not only survive, but to live in comfort and joy, all of us, all species, all life, and Mother Earth too.

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