Peter Egan Celebrates Viva!'s 25th Anniversary | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Peter Egan, Downton Abbey actor, longtime vegetarian, and Viva! patron helped us celebrate our 25th anniversary on Saturday 21st September.

For this special occasion in Viva!’s history, we hosted a celebratory dinner on a riverboat cruise along the Thames.

As part of the evening’s celebrations, we announced the winners of our Action for Animals Awards – presented to those who have turned words into action, and represented Viva! in exceptional ways.

We were delighted to present Peter with this award on the night.

He has since posted a video on Twitter about the evening, to thank Viva! for the award, and to encourage the move toward veganism.


Full Video Transcription:

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say a quick hi. It’s Monday morning, I attended a fantastic event on Saturday night – 25th anniversary for the great campaigning vegan charity Viva! – on the Thames; a wonderful evening with some inspiring people.

Of course Juliet Gellatley – who is the founder of the charity – gave a great speech as did Michael Mansfield and Heather Mills, and it was an all-round fantastic evening.

I was also very surprised to receive an award – hope you can see it here – it’s a action for animals award. I was thrilled and flattered to be a recipient, and thank you Juliet and thank you Viva! for giving me the award.

I’m also incredibly proud to be your patron and committed to your great work in making our planet a healthier place.

It’s fabulous to see in the news today Michael Mansfield on the front page of three newspapers asking for ecocide to become a crime, which I totally agree with. We all who care about our planet want to leave a constructive and compassionate footprint on the planet, but we need a planet to leave that footprint on, and at the moment, even the planet itself is screaming for us to stop destroying it.

That, with the amazing campaign initiated by Greta Thunberg where we now have the young of this planet committed so passionately for us all to treat our planet with care; to treat our lives with care; to treat the animals and all species with whom we share this planet with care.

The simplest and easiest way to do that, in my opinion, is to be vegan. So give it a try, and have a great day, and let’s all work to have a healthier planet. Thanks a lot. See ya.

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