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Minty grows up

Long-time Viva! supporter, Joyce Moss, here guest blogs about the story of Minty - a tiny wild boar hoglet rescued from certain death. Read about Minty's progress and what you can do to help end the persecution of wild boar in Britain (Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager)

"On 14th March this year, Scott Passmore of the Forest of 'A Wildlife with Animals' was called in the evening to a driveway in the Forest. The RSPCA had received a call to say that a tiny boar hoglet was lying there in distress. He wrapped the shivering and scarcely breathing hoglet in a blanket, put the car heater on at full blast and drove as fast as he could to Vale Wildlife Hospital at Beckford near Tewkesbury. His passenger moistened the hoglet’s lips with water and she made it barely alive to the hospital.

Minty today!

The hospital is looking after 370 wild animals at present and has treated 1550 casualties this year. They have bats, otters, polecats, hedgehogs, badgers, deer, foxes and rabbits as well as all sorts of birds and reptiles. Minty was originally kept company by foxes in the neighbouring pen but they have now gone back to the wild.

Jeff Wood, assistant manager, who looks after Minty, told me it was proving a problem finding Minty a permanent home as she needs the company of her own species. She can never be released into the wild. After all the care she has received it would be tragic if she was shot.

Minty rescued!
Minty rescued for now ... but she needs a new home! Can you help?

Vale Wildlife Hospital was founded in 1984 by Caroline Gould and moved to Beckford in 2001 after the pens and animal houses had been constructed. As I was talking to Jeff, an RSPCA officer brought in a box of abandoned baby hedgehogs. The staff are very busy. If anyone has any ideas for Minty, then email The website will give more information about their work and the plight of British Wildlife.

Joyce Moss

Friends of the Boar,

July 2015"

Find out more about Minty's story on the ‘A Wild Life with Animals’ website. You can also follow her progress on her own Facebook page!

Read more about Viva!'s campaign to end the 'boar war' and how you can help!

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