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5 Reasons to Take the #GoVegan24 Pledge

This World Vegan Day, we’re asking people to make the bold yet simple pledge to go vegan for 24 hours.  

Here are five reasons you should #GoVegan24 this World Vegan Day…        

It’s a huge campaign to be involved in!

We already have some huge celebrity names involved in the campaign including Fearne Cotton, Gabrielle Aplin and bloggers Zanna Van Dijk, Stefanie Moir and Life of Jord. Want to  You can join our social media campaign where we are sharing people’s stories about why they are going #GoVegan24. If you’re already vegan why not ask your friends to take the pledge and share their progress!

We’re in a climate emergency

The science is clear. We are in a climate emergency and if we don’t act soon we will pass the point of no return. Animal agriculture is the second-biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, meaning we are destroying our planet for products we no longer need. By making the #GoVegan24 pledge, you are putting the planet before your plate and making the single biggest commitment we can make on an individual level to protect the environment.

Over a million species are on the brink of extinction

Wildlife, as well as farmed animals, are affected by eating meat. Three football fields worth of forest is destroyed every minute to make room for cattle grazing and growing animal feed. This leaves wildlife without shelter or food all so we can eat meat. When we see orangutans without homes, polar bears stuck on floating ice and the Amazon being burned to the ground it’s useful to look at why this is happening. Take the #GoVegan24 pledge to see how easy it is to stop contributing to this suffering.

We could solve world hunger

Veganism is also a powerful human rights movement due to the millions of people living in poverty and hunger that could have food if we switched to a plant-based food system. We currently feed a third of crops to farmed animals and could feed an extra four billion people if we ate the crops ourselves. Imagine the impact we can have if everyone took the #GoVegan24 pledge and decided to move towards a vegan lifestyle!

It’s an easy way to try veganism

We know veganism can seem daunting if you’ve never tried it before.  Every vegan has been there, knowing it’s a more ethical way of living yet struggling to commit to the lifestyle. By taking the #GoVegan24 pledge, you can experiment with the benefits of veganism on World Vegan Day and see how rewarding it is! We have all the resources and recipes you need to we’re always on hand to answer any questions you have.

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