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5 ways to get involved with World Vegan Day

On World Vegan Day, Friday 1 November, we have a bold yet simple challenge: go vegan for 24 hours.

Every day, species are going extinct and habitats are being bulldozed to meet our demand for meat. Three football pitches worth of forest are lost every minute to create room for animal feed and grazing, leaving wild animals without homes or food.

We’re running out of time to act. It’s now or never to save our world’s delicate ecosystems that all life depends on. If you don’t want to see our world’s wildlife, forests and even the human species disappear for good, go vegan for 24 hours this World Vegan Day. Here’s five ways to get involved…

1. Door drop our World Vegan Day leaflets

Throughout October, we’re asking our supporters to door drop our brand new World Vegan Day leaflets. This is a great way to get Viva!’s message out there to anyone and everyone, from seasoned vegans to people who have never considered the link between our diet and the environment before.

You can order our door drop pack here, with everything you need to inform people in your area about World Vegan Day and how going vegan for 24 hours can help save the world!

2. Host your own stall on World Vegan Day

We’re planning our biggest Day of Action to date on World Vegan Day on Friday 1 November. You can order your own free stall pack here for all the materials and info you need to host a stall in your local area, or get involved with your local group if there is already one planned!

This is a great way to engage with people, hand out leaflets and have positive conversations about veganism with the general public.

3. Share our social media posts

Throughout October, Viva!’s social media squirrels are going to be super busy posting new content in the lead up to World Vegan Day using #govegan24 and #worldveganday. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, there will be plenty of content you can share with your friends and followers to make sure everyone knows the score before World Vegan Day on Friday 1 November.

Sharing our social media content means more people will make the link between their diet and the environment, and they’ll have all the information they need to go vegan for 24 hours – and hopefully for life!

4. Make our World Vegan Day recipes

We’ve put together eight bespoke World Vegan Day meal plans on Vegan Recipe Club to make going vegan for 24 hours as simple (and delicious) as possible! Now is the time to cook up a storm and show the world how amazing vegan food can be!

Why not go the extra mile and host a vegan dinner party for your friends on World Vegan Day? This will make it easier for everyone to go vegan for 24 hours, and you can all bring a different Vegan Recipe Club dish and share in the delight of cruelty-free cooking.

5. Tag us in your World Vegan Day posts

Want to see yourself on Viva!’s social media? We love seeing our supporters getting involved in our campaigns, so don’t forget to take pictures and tag us in your social media posts using #worldveganday and #govegan24.

Whether you’re door dropping, organising a stall or making some of our delicious World Vegan Day recipes (coming soon!), we want to see what you’re doing and share it far and wide! Pictures and videos always go down well, so get that camera out and show us what you’ve got.

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