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The Big-D: defeating diabetes with the D-Diet


The Big-D: defeating diabetes with the D-Diet

Eat to beat the disease -a guide providing you with know-how together with show-how

About the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation

Viva! Health is a science-based health and nutrition charity which monitors and interprets the growing body of research linking diet and health. The VVF helps the public, health professionals and the food industry make informed choices about diet by providing accurate information and advice about healthy eating. The VVF also runs health and education campaigns, presents school talks, cookery demonstrations, produces a wide variety of materials, runs the Vegetarian Recipe Club and answers nutritional queries from the public.

Veronika Charvatova

Veronika Charvatova MSc is the Health Campaigner at the VVF. She is a biologist and has focused on understanding and uncovering the links between health and nutrition for several years. She translates scientific research into everyday language and provides nutritional advice about plant-based diets.

Jane Easton

Jane Easton is the Food and Cookery Coordinator at the VVF. Jane regularly gives public talks and cookery demonstrations for the VVF and our sister group Viva!. She creates recipes for our campaigning materials as well as for our, and Viva!'s, magazine Viva!Life. Her recipes and expertise are on hand for members of the Vegetarian Recipe Club.

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