Alice Short, Merchandise and Office Administrator | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Alice Short, Merchandise and Office Administrator

What I do

Hi! I’m Alice and I started at Viva! in 2018 as an Admin & Merchandise Officer. My job role entails carrying out many of the administrative work here as well as merchandise tasks. This means my role varies from processing donations, reception duties and any merchandise orders. 

Working at Viva!

I first heard about Viva! when I first moved to Bristol in 2016 and wanted to become more involved in activism. After attending many different events I knew the opportunity to work here was not one to be missed! Working for Viva! is incredible as there certainly aren’t many occasions where a lifestyle can be incorporated within a job role. It is so important to be able to educate and support people who want to take up a vegan lifestyle and to be able to do that daily alongside like-minded people is fantastic.

I went vegan because…

I first became a vegan in February 2016 after being a vegetarian since the age of 10 despite being raised by my (very reluctant to vegetarianism) Omni parents. I became conscious of the farm animals disappearing from the local fields and decided I didn’t want to contribute to their suffering anymore. It was only when I moved away from home that I became fully aware of the impacts that the dairy industry has on the suffering of animals and the environment after watching far too many documentaries. This spurred on my decision to lead a vegan lifestyle and I have never looked back since!

My favourite veg

Definitely the hardest question as I vegan but it’s got to be broccoli. It’s the best part of a Sunday dinner by far. Or maybe mushrooms because mushroom mince and burgers are fantastic!