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About us

About Viva! and our founder and director, Juliet Gellatley

Juliet Gellatley


Viva! was founded in 1994 by Juliet Gellatley, who is the charity’s director.

“The most powerful action you can take to end animal suffering, protect the environment and improve your health is to go vegan. Support us and help Viva! campaign for a better world.” 

"Taking the life of an animal who does not want to die is a profoundly terrible act and yet committed so casually in our culture. Viva! nudges, cajoles, persuades, educates - we help people question a lifetime's worth of propaganda and make it easy to go vegan. If you believe in what we do, please join us. The animals need you - unity really is strength. In the last six months alone Viva! reached about 20 million people with our Face Off campaign. And society is changing. People are increasingly accepting the benefits of veganism; the tide is turning." Juliet Gellatley, Founder & Director of Viva!

Why is Viva! needed?

Viva! Animals

Every year, one billion animals face the barbarity of slaughter in Britain, and a further 4.5 billion fish and 2.6 billion shellfish are killed for the UK. Most animals spend their short lives in misery, imprisoned in the squalor of factory farms. Many are fully conscious when they are killed by having their throats cut.









Viva! Planet

The human appetite for animal flesh is a driving force behind virtually every major category of environmental damage – deforestation, erosion, fresh water scarcity, air and water pollution and climate change. At sea, fishing has brought all the world's oceans to the point of collapse. Yet still politicians fail to act.

Millions of children in the developing world die from hunger - alongside fields of high-quality food, destined for the West’s farmed animals. 




Viva! Health

The science is overwhelming - vegans are healthier than meat and dairy eaters and are likely to live longer. Yet the food industry continues aggressively to promote animal products to our children, helping to destroy their health and threatening their future.

With the simple decision to stop eating animals, you cease to play a part in this destruction.  By supporting Viva! you are part of the fight back against cynicism, self interest and cruelty.

It is a fight for life!

What Does Viva! Do? 

Viva! campaigns for a vegan world because taking life unnecessarily is obscene, damaging and plain wrong. Taking the life of an animal who does not want to die is a profoundly terrible act and yet committed so casually in our culture. On top of that, most farmed animals spend their short and miserable lives in the filth of factory farms and are killed with sickening barbarity – see here We expose this abuse by secretly going inside these shameful places and filming the suffering – publicising it with nationwide campaigns that bring about change. Billions of animals are also killed at sea causing immense suffering and the ecological collapse of the oceans. 

See more details of our many campaigns.

Viva! monitors the latest research from all over the world on the environmental  issues and argues for change with hard science.

Viva! organises imaginative local campaigns to ensure the public know what’s happening in their area.

Viva! provides all the information and support necessary to help people change their diet because the best way to protect animals is to stop eating them. We run a fantastic Vegan Recipe Club with many hundreds of easy but imaginative dishes for you to try! 

We also organise Viva! Vegan Festivals across the UK - to inspire anyone and everyone with the positive benefits of being vegan - with lots of lovely food stalls of course.

We run the really helpful 30 Day Vegan - all free and with lots of tips and info on vegan food readily available, plus easy recipes emailed to you for a month.

For more information on every aspect of the why’s and how’s of going and being vegan, see the range of Viva! guides available.

Viva! needs your support to end the shame of animal suffering, to protect the planet and stop the killing.

Viva!'s Awards

Include the Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain Linda McCartney Award for Animal Welfare; Indian Veg Society’s Mahaveer Award for Education; Australian Wildlife Protection Award; Vegetarian Society Award for Achievement; top 100 Animal Blogger's of the World and Juliet won Cosmopolitan magazine's Woman of the Year (Education).

Viva!’s Vegan Festivals

Viva! was the first UK charity to ever run a Vegan Roadshow, showing people how easy and positive it to change. We first held the Vegan Festivals across the UK in October 2004 (previously called Incredible Veggie Roadshows), and they were so successful we have been organising them ever since! Almost 100,000 people have attended the events, and they have had a phenomenal impact on people going vegan or eating considerably less meat, fish, eggs and dairy, which means millions of animals have been saved.

Viva!’s Vegan Festivals are fun, upbeat and entertaining and are aimed not just at veggies and vegans but also meat eaters and meat reducers. Our aim is to swell the number of people giving up animal products as it’s the surest way of saving animals from suffering. In fact, The Viva! Vegan Festivals provide all the information anyone could ever want about going, being and staying vegan – or moving in that direction. We hope to see you at our next Show!

Viva! - Cause Celebre

Viva!'s active and high profile campaigns have attracted the support of many well known and well respected people – see Celebrity Supporters



Martin Shaw, actor

“Viva! is absolutely vital. Through commitment and dedication it is helping to change society.” Martin Shaw, actor

"We don't need to eat animals. I've been vegan four years, been living healthy, there's no energy loss and I run 5k, swim, it's better; there's no downside..." JME, grime MC

“We can make a difference and end cruelty to animals. And Viva! is right there, spear-heading the movement for change. Join Viva! now!!” Joanna Lumley, actress

“We all need Viva! to succeed – please join." Benjamin Zephaniah, poet and musician

“You save a lot of lives by going vegan – and by joining Viva!.” Paul McCartney, singer/songwriter/musician

“I love Viva! because you get things done! We rely on you to expose the truth about factory farming. You have my full support.” Jerome Flynn, actor